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Membership embosser
with inter-changeable
letters, designed to be
used by a small to
medium-sized hand
and fit in a woman's
jacket pocket.
Cable mounting bracket
for truck conversion from
right-hand to
left-hand drive
Component for
conversion from
left-hand to
right-hand drive trucks
Evaluation step to
evaluate a patient's
ability to climb steps
effective method to
handle very thin,
slippery material
to punch washers
Anodised aluminium
test tube rack
Wheelchock: simple
but effective
components made
at minimum cost
Rotary cutter to
meat pies– 25 pies
per revolution
Blue zinc passivated
angle brackets
Polyurethane coated
pressure wheel
Stainless steel
deflector plate
Stillage to transport parts
Larger stillage to
transport panels
Copper, bronze,
brass components
Stack of parts